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Machinery and equipment

Production equipment in processing department

Quality improvement and efficiency are our top priority; Gang Hua enterprises adopt a variety of CNC computer lathes, TAP computer vertical drilling machines. All kinds of special machinery can be found in our factory to capacity and quality advancement. The cause is worthy of customer’s continued support
CNC 電腦車床
10 台
TAP 電腦立式鑽孔加工機
8 台
4 台


◆優岡CNC多功能電腦車床 TNC-10A

◆東台立式鉆孔加工機 TMV-510

◆瀧澤CNC電腦車床 EX-108

◆瀧澤CNC電腦車床 TC-2

◆瀧澤CNC電腦車床 TC-20

◆麗馳CNC電腦車床 LT-400

◆台中精機CNC電腦車床 TNS-1A